Anatomy at Home

Injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Anatomy at Home specializes in injury rehabilitation, physiotherapy and fitness, providing a continuum of healthcare from the moment that an injury occurs, all the way through a fitness programme, to enable you to return to your sport or just carry out your daily activities pain-free!  Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists and sports rehabilitators have a wealth of experience making sure you receive the best possible care.

Your physiotherapy or rehabilitation session will start with an initial assessment and work on a mental as well as a physical level, to ensure all aspects of the injury and fitness are covered. This will enable a full return to health and sport, without subsequent re-occurrences. The treatment you receive at Anatomy will take traditional fitness, rehabilitation and physiotherapy one step further.

Anatomy offers a wide variety of therapies, including physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, personal training, and fitness testing. We are also experts in many different types of massage, including sports and deep tissue massage.  All treatments are performed by highly skilled, fully qualified and insured HPC registered physiotherapists and BASRaT registered sports rehabilitators.

Anatomy has two well established clinics in Manchester and Chester.