Physiotherapy/Sports Rehabilitation

The basic aim of physiotherapy is to help alleviate pain and restore normal movement and function patterns to help return the body to its natural state. Physiotherapy includes the assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation is beneficial for clients who have suffered an injury; however it may have been caused. Here at Anatomy we are experts in our field at musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation. We mainly deal with private physiotherapy patients so there is no need for a referral from your doctor or lengthy waiting lists on the NHS.

Anatomy at Home, has a well-established and strong reputation for physiotherapy.  We mainly deal with private physiotherapy patients and our fully qualified and experienced physiotherapists and sports rehabilitators are able to treat a wide variety of problems – from back, neck and knee pain, to muscle injuries. Our physiotherapists are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are registered with the Health Professions Council.

Following a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, which addresses not only the symptoms of the problem but also the root cause, it is possible to solve chronic and acute problems. Treatment will be carried out over successive weeks gradually rectifying the problem, until a normal everyday life is possible.

Problems that can be treated effectively:

Activity related fitness training
Arthritic problems
Athletic taping and strapping
Back and spinal problems
Biomechanical assessment – Injury prevention, Technique analysis
Fitness assessment / improvement programmes
Joint problems
Lower back pain
Neck pain
Overuse injuries
Postural assessment
Remedial exercise programmes
Sports injuries
Sprains and strains

We use a wide range of manual techniques such as manipulations, mobilisations, massage and exercise therapy . Some of our staff are also qualified to use acupuncture for pain relief in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques. All of our staff are trained in Kinesiology taping, and have progressed this to be training in Rock taping, involving power taping.  Kinesiology taping is the latest technique to help aid recovery rates and improve performance.  Our aim is to return you to the highest level of fitness possible using appropriate techniques and expert advice for the future.


Before you receive any treatment or advice, one of our chartered physiotherapists or sports rehabilitators will discuss your condition with you and carefully examine the symptoms and nature of your problem. From there, we can decide whether physiotherapy or rehabilitation is appropriate and then formulate a treatment programme tailored to your needs. Your first appointment will be 45 minutes which ensures you will receive treatment in your first session to speed up your path to full recovery.


Follow up treatment sessions, after the initial assessment, will take approximately 30 minutes with the. These sessions may be totally treatment based to start with and as you and your injuries progress they will become more and more exercise based.  With this in mind we ask you to bring appropriate clothing for your treatments.

To help with common ailments such as postural issues, lower back pain and neck pain we have devised specific exercised based programmes for you to follow at home to help with the management of these issues.